3 Best Small Business Ideas for Seattle

3 Best Small Business Ideas for Seattle

Newly settled or living already in Seattle, WA city known as “Emerald City” and want to start a new business. Well you have landed to the right place as today I will guide the citizens of Seattle about the best business ideas for Seattle with a low capital. The city has an ideal location for business as it is located between saltwater Puget and Lake Washington.

If you are looking to start your business from scratch, you have to do lot of effort and have to keep these three businesses as your priority to start up in Seattle:

  • Pet care services & Pet breeding:

According to a survey, Seattle has more population of pet dogs than the human children. So, this gives you a best opportunity to start a pet care service as this business doesn’t require lot of investment and can even easily started at home. The best thing about this business is that you can start without any investment by taking out people’s dog for walking. With pet care service you can also add pet breeding at your home. The commonest type is dog breeding, as it is not that much care taking and mostly people love to have dogs as their pets.

  • Engineering consultancy:

As the city is world’s leading center of high technology and the birthplace of Microsoft, the city holds numerous opportunities for researchers and engineers. You can start your engineering consultancy firm even if you are a fresher and struggling to make your way out.

  • Fast food mobile truck:

The people of America in general are famed for being fast food lover. So, starting a fast food mobile truck is one of the best business ideas for a place like Seattle, as people have to eat regardless of their financial situation. The best thing about mobile business is that you can move around the city to target more patrons.

Hope you guys like these business ideas, do share your views and ideas if you have any.