How to Wins Content Games at Tradeshow Events


Content games can sometimes be very fierce. Exhibitors that end up emerging as victors, have mastered what it takes to deliver quality content, and they have been very consistent in doing so throughout every event they attend. Remember, content should be designed to build a relationship during the event, and they should not just be prepared for aesthetic purposes exclusively.

Here are tips to help you effectively compete, enabling you to have the upper hand regarding the content games:

Create content specific to the environment where it will be consumed

It should be clear to you when and where your audience will consume the content. On a typical trade show floor, the audiences will be listening to presentations in halls, and they are likely to be consuming content on mobile. With this in mind, ensure your content is in the right format so that is makes it easy for your audience to consume.

Remember – sharing is caring

It is important to share valuable content in order to develop new relationships, and create new ones during the exhibition. This doesn’t imply that you must always share content about your products and services. Rather, it means that you should share any relevant and valuable information that will be of real use to your audience. These could be insights and tips on how they can become more successful in the respective industry or genuine buying guides for the products you may be dealing with.

Data targeting and segmentation

If you want a good response from your audiences, then you must know who they are and deliver highly tailored content. Don’t expect to be successful if you will be giving out general information they can find elsewhere for free. Find a way of segmenting your audience, then create content that will speak directly to them. This should also be the case when sending out promotional emails once the event is over.