5 Ways to Ensure That Your Trade Show Booth Is a Success

5 Ways to Ensure That Your Trade Show Booth Is a Success

Trade shows can help boost a business’s brand and establish new gateways to a better, more lucrative client base. But the art of getting a trade show display just right isn’t always that simple. Whatever you’re selling, you’ve probably put a lot of thought into your trade show displays over the years. However, if your business or service still isn’t getting the kind of traffic you want, you might be wondering how you can get the word out in a way that helps increase networking opportunities and creates buzz around your business. A trade show is a great place to build relationships and get people interested in what you’re selling. But how do you make sure you really make an impression on your viewers? How do you engage them in a way that translates to more clients and more dollars? When you’ve booked a booth at a trade show, it’s not enough to just show up. Here are a few tips for creating a dazzling trade show display that no one is soon to forget.

1. Go Interactive

Nobody likes a bore. When you’re presenting your service, brand, or ideas at a trade show, you have one shot to draw in listeners. One great way to get people interested is to establish your brand as being in tune with the newest, most exciting business technology. Not only does it help boost your image as a tech-savvy, of-the-moment company, it allows viewers and potential partners to connect on every level, be it through social media, business tools like Slack or Basecamp, or project management software that can help take your company further. Showing onlookers how connected you are will allow them to engage on their own terms. Encourage your listeners to whip out their cellphones and follow you, tweet at you, or even share suggestions on your site. Whatever you do, make sure your web presence looks great, is easy to use, and invites users in to start their own conversations.

2. Find Creative Ways to Draw People In

At a trade show, it’s your job to compete against hundreds of other businesses to get (and hold) peoples’ attention. While it’s up to you to create a compelling pitch and brand identity that will make people stay interested, there are some helpful tricks you can use to make sure people get interested in the first place. For instance, drawing in crowds with free swag and goodies is a time-honored tradition. They’ll come for the snacks, but they’ll stay for an engaging presentation. You can also round people up for giveaways, social media-related contests, and other fun, breezy ways to create a bit of buzz. If you’re not comfortable with big gestures, try the one-on-one approach. Take a few people aside and figure out what they’re looking for. Once you find out, you can cater your pitch to their interests and hook a new client.

3. Perfect Your Pitch

You might have the greatest idea in the world. But sadly, no one’s going to listen or care if you have a sloppy, ill-conceived pitch. The adult attention span cuts out after roughly eight seconds. If your concept takes too long to summarize or doesn’t use engaging language to convey meaning, you’ll be fighting against the tide to secure anyone’s attention. Before you go to a trade show, take a moment to perfect your pitch.

4. Find Your Audience

Try your tagline out on people of different age, gender, and socioeconomic demographics. See what clicks with people and what doesn’t. Try to get to the heart of what it is your business wants to change. Do you provide a service that makes it easier for people to get something done? That’s a perfect way to summarize it. Have you created a tool that has the potential to bring people together through shared interests? Does your service help businesses strategize? Once you’ve narrowed your pitch down to one engaging sentence, you’re ready to hit the road.

5. Work on Your Body Language

Working a trade show can be intimidating. You have to be a business owner, a technician, and a master showman all at once. Even though you might be feeling stressed out, remember that you’re here to start conversations and connect with people. No one is going to want to head over to your booth if they see you standing in a closed-off posture looking stressed. Do you best to look approachable and helpful rather than intimidating or nervous. You’ll find yourself drawing crowds more quickly and with more ease than you ever expected.